SASS on International Women’s Day

by Elif Erdem, Volunteer Editor

Today is International Women’s Day, one of the most important days of the year to celebrate women’s achievements in social, political, economic and cultural spheres. As an organisation which always supports women in society, SASS wants to share women’s perspectives, especially those coming from asylum-seeking backgrounds. It’s important to raise awareness about women’s equality issues, as well as women’s talents, skills, and successes. In this post, we are sharing the story of Busra who has recently set up her own Etsy shop for embroidery designs. 

“I am a refugee here in the UK. I arrived with my family of 4 in July 2020 and we stayed at a hotel in London for 5 months. I was feeling very bored during our stay in the hotel room because I am a kindergarten teacher and a very active person. During this time I decided to do something about cross stitch and embroidery, which was my hobby a long time ago. l started to cross stitch when I was 15. I really like it since it takes my stress away and makes me relax. Firstly, I decided to improve my hobby and learned new things. Then I had courage and decided to sell what I made. I set up an online Etsy shop for myself. I believe I can easily handle it even if I do not speak English well. Because we can do anything if we really want. Just a little will, hardwork and courage will make it.”

Busra, Swansea
Busra’s cross-stitch design prepared especially for International Women’s Day

There’s lots going on in Swansea for International Women’s Day with asylum seekers and refugees. Find out more at Project Share Tawe’s Facebook page.  #choosetochallenge