Learning English with SASS

by Elif Erdem, Volunteer Editor

The SASS ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Classes Project aims to provide learners with essential language skills through covering areas such as grammar, reading, speaking, listening and punctuation to be able to properly communicate in English. The Project is reaching 40 people each week. SASS is running 8 classes at the moment, two at beginner level, two intermediate, and three at advanced level. There is also one group especially made for women. 

There will be some exciting developments soon. A new advanced group will be starting, and 2 new volunteer teachers are about to join the team. Currently, there are 8 volunteer teachers, who meet every Friday to discuss what they can do more for learners, to share their teaching experiences, and to find solutions to any issues they face together.

A snapshot from the ESOL teaching team, February 2021

We spoke to some of the learners about their experiences. Lily, an advanced level learner said: ‘Their classes are really good. I mean the teacher George is really a real gentleman, approachable and supportive. I wanna say thanks for their help.’ In the same class, a Syrian learner agreed: ‘The classes are a space for learning, meeting friends and improving our English. The teachers are really helpful and cooperative, devoting much of their time to answering our questions.’ An intermediate level learner from Turkey said, ‘the teacher is well-prepared for classes and really experienced about teaching skills, arrange his speech according to our level and we can easily understand the classes.” Kristina from Russia expressed her thanks: ‘I’d like to say a big thanks to SASS and especially to George the teacher for English classes they provide. It’s a big pleasure to meet our group every week. These lessons not only improve my English but also help me to overcome the isolation. Thank you.” These are sentiments echoed by Yonatan and many others.

Ways to contact Migrant Help




Ways to contact Migrant Help

  1. The First Response Centre phone line 0808 8010 503
  2. Webchat (https://ellis.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch)
  3. Email / Ask a Question (https://ellis.custhelp.com/app/ask/session)
  4. Self-service portal (https://ellis.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form)

If you have reported an urgent issue to Migrant Help but have not received a response, you can escalate the issue to a manager:

  1. For issue reporting which covers maintenance, requests for assistance, problems with payments, lost aspen cards and complaints please try our email / ask a question or live chat using the links in point 2 and 3.

If you do not have the facility to use this then please email the escalations inbox below.

  1. escalations@migranthelpuk.org for cases that need escalating to a manager for the following: asylum payment issues, section 98 ‘S98’ and section 4 ‘S4’ (please also see point 7), negative move. Please also use for the following that have not been submitted to the Home Office – section 95 ‘S95’, change of circumstance applications ‘COCs’ and additional support applications.
  2. S98@migranthelpuk.org – for requested evidence relating to S98 applications. As a temporary measure you can request an urgent call back for S98 IA and S4 applications if you are unable to get through by phone.
  3. Submissions@migranthelpuk.org – for communications relating to section 95, section 4, COCs that have been submitted to the Home Office.
  4. outreach@migranthelpuk.org – to request assistance from Migrant Helps outreach team for service users who have specific needs, are at risk or unable to use the above methods.
  5. ASCorrespondence@migranthelpuk.org – to be used for all communications relating to asylum support including supporting documents for support applications such as S95, S4 and COC’s.
  6. positivemoveon@migranthelpuk.org – to report / raise issues with our positive move on service. This can also be used to request reinstatement for BRP / Discontinuation letters not received following a positive decision on the service users asylum case.
  7. To raise a formal complaint about Migrant Help, our subcontractors, the accommodation providers and the Home Office please contact us using the below:
  8. https://www.migranthelpuk.org/forms/complaint-form-1